Before and After
I’m so flipping bored, I decided to take crappy picture of myself on my laptop :(
West coast is the best coast lol at my deformed fingers. Topless Tuesday :)
I don’t fuck around, I carry a can of tear gas in my purse.
These would be cute if they were a different color and didn’t have cheap ass rhinestones
Shopping with my brother at the North Dekalb Mall #me
Bed time with my Teddy Bear that Izzy, my bestt friend got me. It makes me feel so comfortable & is my reminder that I must move to San Diego.
Chilling with my nameless blue bong that rips like no other! 
Plz excuse durty mirror.
Good morning, please excuse my dirty mirror. I need to start working out again, according to my boyfriend my arms are “swollen”.
I’m super bored & decided to get ready like a loser.
Smoking wiff my dog :)
Its my face again :)
I want my face on my blog :)
I need a name for my brother’s bong
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