I’m 20 & welcome to my pregnancy story :)
Scream and shout I’m done with clinicals!
I #love my #niece. This is how I send my #420
My #shopping haul. #Juicy #Courture, pink, shirt, & hella #bracelets.
My momma and I. She is my best friend tbh
Popped a #Prozac and now I’m happier than a mug. #ootf my day off from slavery.
My work look for today. Excuse the bags under my eyes I only got 4 hours of sleep #bun #leopard
I’m finally off work and its #time to chill. . By myself. #me #watch
My mommy bought me this #ring today and I fell in love with it!
I had a great work out; my thighs are killing me.
My first day at work went well, I must say.
Fresh out the shower.
I’m the thizz Princess :)
I’m happy I got new pajamas! They are cheetah, I love cheetah things.
Gosh why am I cursed with this little ass?! All I do is butt and thigh exercises and it hasn’t gotten bigger :(
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